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Since 2007 TurfScout®, also doing business as AgSpect, has served the turfgrass and agricultural industry. TurfScout® provides research grade expertise in remote sensing, geographic information systems and data analysis. We are data driven. We prioritize data integrity and empower the analyst. We believe that the end result of better product development decisions is superior product performance.

Analysts can no longer afford to simply “curate” data. Our toolkits expedite spectral
analysis and synthesize data into meaningful outputs. We support research and
development entities and understand the need for a standardized, interactive, decision
support tool.

We support spectral data collected from a suite of cameras (drones) and ground based


Harness the power of spectral data and fine-tune assessments of plant response to a wide variety of environmental factors, treatments and management strategies. Assess canopy cover (grow-in and senescence), stand counts, plant height, and weed populations. All of this and more is ready in near-real time, at the plot, treatment and field level.


We are here to help. Our services include a recommendation on equipment and full-support of our interactive decision support toolkit. From collection of the first dataset, digitization of plots or fields, and customization of the user experience, we provide live one on one customer support.


TurfScout® supports researchers, consultants, and managers in turfgrass, athletic field management and agriculture. We have a scalable platform designed to provide scientific-grade results along with the tools needed to explore those outputs.


Please call to discuss pricing and available packages. Price points are based upon equipment (owned or leased), data load, number of plots, and storage requirements.

Our Services

Ground Sensors

We support a wide variety of Holland Scientific crop sensors including: ACS210, ACS430, ACS470, RapidSCAN and the Phenom. Ground sensors are an at-canopy level measurement of spectral response and are equipped with a modulated light source to compensate for variability in ambient light conditions. The Phenom in particular provides a suite of canopy level metrics beyond the standard vegetation indices, such as, LAI, PAR, and Canopy Temperature. Ground sensors provide at-canopy level assessments, are less-limited in payload, create more manageable datasets, and are not limited by FAA regulations.

Drone Imagery

TurfScout® provides a suite of cutting edge image processing tools to support drone imagery. Our interactive platform is a unique image processing pipeline designed to maintain data integrity from collection to analysis. This approach enhances the accuracy of your measurements so you can confidently assess plant response. We support a wide variety of RGB, Multi-Spectral, and Thermal Infrared (TIR) cameras. TurfScout has over 20 years of experience in image processing and geographic analysis.

Web Analysis Portal

Our web-based decision support tool provides a seamless pipeline from data acquisition to results. From your personal user account you can easily upload ground sensor data or drone imagery and begin interacting with results in map, chart and table format in near-real time. We pride ourselves in data management, synthesis, storage, and secure data sharing. Truly turning data into SMART Maps, SMART Charts, SMART Tables and SOLUTIONS.


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